Jumat, 18 Juli 2008

Synopsis Love and Shock

Synopsis for “Cross-Cultural Marriage; Love and Shock!”

“Cross-Cultural Marriage; Love and Shock!” This book provides useful information and guidance on issues concerning cross-cultural marriages or more popularly referred to as ‘mix marriages’. The book, which offers advice on finding a foreign spouse and outlines issues on the advantages and disadvantages of marrying a foreign spouse, features an opening address by Jajang C. Noer (Actrees and Film Director).

Many of us can’t even imagine what it feels like to have a foreign spouse. Especially since different nationalities usually also mean different cultures. The language barrier can be quite easily overcome by study or practice, however being married to a foreign spouse brings with it a lot more than just the language barriers but also different perspectives to life, customs and habits, as well as cultural differences.

“LOve and ShOck!” presents valuable information and advice on inter-national (mix) marriages issues as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

Further on in the book there is also an inquiry on the ‘cultural shocks’ experienced by those relocating to the spouse’s home country. These issues are discussed from the perspectives of Sociological, Anthropological and Psychological theories. It also features a section on the cause of cultural shocks, how to detect the symptoms, as well as how to cope with it.

Story about sadness and happiness of 6 Indonesian women, each of whom had different educational background prior to marriage and had a good job and career. The real-life story about living in a country with different culture, the resistance of Indonesian women in the husband's country of origin, and the change of role from a career woman to a housewife. How to cope with culture shock and newfound things when first arrived and stayed in the husband's country of origin, as well as meeting with the husband's parents and family.

In last chapter providing information about custom and etiquette some countries in Europe, such as Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Nederland, Sweden and Russia.

Rabu, 19 Maret 2008

Pemenang Sayembara Beli Buku

Selama sebulan berlangsung sayembara "Beli Buku Berhadiah Buku dan Souvenir", maka melalui milis ini saya umumkan pemenangnya.

1. Pemenang Pertama : Sdri. Hanik Katfiati dari Harian Kedaulatan Rakyat
Kolom tulisan tentang Buku Perkawinan Antarbangsa; Love and Shock, 16 Maret

2. Pemenang Kedua; Sdri Alona Amaliya, Taman Sentosa Perdana Klang Selangor

Hadiah untuk pemenang pertama berupa selembar papyrus Adel Ghabour sumbangan dari Ibu Rani Marchetti dari Kairo, satu kaos souvenir dari Acropolis Yunani dan satu ekslemplar buku "How to Write: karya Alastair Fowler (Oxford University Press).

Hadiah untuk pemenang kedua berupa kaos souvenir dan selembar papyrus.

Masing-masing hadiah akan dikirim melalui pos dari Yunani.

Terima kasih atas partisipasi Anda dan terima kasih bagi Anda yang telah membeli buku Perkawinan Antarbangsa Love and Shock.